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Poppy Delevingne
Poppy Delevingne

Scents And Blooms

The townhouse was scented from top to bottom with two of Poppy’s all-time favourites. The shimmering and blooming scent of Orange Blossom and zesty and addictive Lime Basil & Mandarin, nestled among a sea of flowers. Spring blooms such as foxgloves, roses, poppies and jasmine trailed over the kissing swing, wrapped the staircase and filled every room.

Meet Vic Brotherson, Florist And Owner of Scarlet and Violet

What was the inspiration behind the flower design at The Blossom Ball?
The most amazing and incredible cut foliage is always the blossom, armfuls of cherry cannot be beaten by anything else all year round — thank goodness the weather has been perfect for all to be at peak flowering time for this week. If I made up a dream job to do, this week this would definitely be it!

How many and what types of flowers have you used at The Blossom Ball?
There are way too many to count! We are using cherry blossom, solomon’s seal, lilac, poppies, roses, foxgloves, jasmine, phlox and fern and a great deal of all of them. There are at least 1200 stems of the most amazing poppies alone.

How does floral decoration work with home fragrance?
Sadly there aren’t many cut flowers that will scent a home as well as Jo Malone London does, delicate home fragrances can lift the spirits just as well as a beautiful vase of flowers. I like to have them both at the same time: to have a vase of flowers to appreciate as well as a gentle scent in the air has to be one of life's most pleasant luxuries.

Can you give us some tips for floral decoration at home?
At home we all can experiment and play around, it doesn't have to be lavish, fill slender bottles with flowering branches and off set with delicate single flowers. Even the simplest daffodil with touches of spirea or jasmine threaded through will become more magical.

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