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Poppy Delevingne
Poppy Delevingne

On The Menu

Posh junk food was what Poppy ordered. From scotch quails eggs, to scampi and chips, baked potato with Oscietra caviar and wild mushroom macaroni cheese with black truffle. Cocktails became ‘Poptails’ for one night only with a playful twist on the classics. Guests sipped everything from a ‘Pop Tarts Tipple’, a whiskey sour to the ‘Snap Crackle & Popdog’, a take on the gin and tonic.

Meet Bertie de Rougemont, Director of Cellar Society

Having looked after the food for Poppy’s wedding, what did you learn about her?
Well, where to start! She’s funny, sweet and bubbly, a real pleasure to work with. She has wonderful style and knows what she wants and likes, placing simplicity and elegance above intricate and bling. Of course one special joy for us was her love of food, a lot of her taste is rooted in memory and it’s classically English, which is very now and very us.

How did you go about working with Poppy and Jo Malone London on this event?
Having worked with Jo Malone London for nearly five years this was a match made in heaven for us; a chance to work with two of our favourite clients. It was lots of fun sitting down together and collaborating with the creative. For this event we had too many great ideas and it was hard to narrow down the choices at the tasting. Everything was so good we could have had another menu just from the ideas that didn’t make it off the shortlist!

Why did you decide to do posh junk food? It’s a surprising choice for a ball.
That’s partly why we did it. It was driven very much by Poppy. There’s this myth that fashion doesn’t eat, doesn’t enjoy food. This is of course nonsense. We wanted to show that up. But it’s hardly junk food; we’re serving the finest Scottish Langoustines to make the best fish and chips you’ll have tasted, Oscietra caviar on baked Jersey Royal potatoes and our famous mac and cheese laced with wild mushrooms and black truffle which turns it into something magical.

It’s a very fashiony, high-octane guestlist. With this in mind, how and why did you design the cocktails?
Again, simplicity rules the drinks list. Neither Poppy nor we do sweet, fruity cocktails; no flames, no fruit salad garnish, no molecular, no juggling cocktail shakers. We went with old school tastes, Whisky sour, Gin and Tonic and Vodka Soda. We will also be serving Nyetimber, a delicious English sparkling wine which gives the most illustrious Champagnes a run for their money.

Make your own ‘Snap Crackle & Popdog’ cocktail

A highball glass
Ice cubes
50ml Gilpin Gin
1 ruby grapefruit
Fever Tree Tonic

Start by filling a highball glass with ice cubes. Add the Gilpin Gin, a squeeze of ruby grapefruit juice (25ml), and then top up with Fever Tree Tonic. Crack a strip of ruby grapefruit zest over the top of the glass and rub it around the rim. Finally, push the zest into the top of the ice to finish.

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